Peter Stewart and colleagues have contributed articles and opinion pieces for a variety of print and online publications for over 15 years.

Through work at CABE, through Peter Stewart’s past roles at the RIBA and though engagement with the design of many of the major projects that have reshaped London and other cities over the past two decades, we have been actively engaged in debate and discourse about the future of cities, the capital in particular, and the form of development in England more generally.

Peter Stewart’s views on architecture and urbanism can also be found on his blog, The Gutter and the Stars, and on Twitter.

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Height vs. history Tall buildings in the heart of London
A magazine for RIBA Friends of Architecture, 2016

The planning system – faites vos jeux
Article in ‘Being an effective construction client’, ed. Peter Ullathorne, RIBA Publishing, 2015

Garden Cities
Architects’ Journal, 2014

Tall buildings and open space
Architects’ Journal, 2014

Planning (in) the digitised future
Article for RIBA Think Piece Series, 2014

Planning portal: get to know the planning system
Architects’ Journal, 2013

Contemporary Westminster
Westminster Planning, 2009

Design review: saving Architecture from death by a thousand consultants
RIBA Journal, 2009

Better heritage laws, but what about the workers?
RIBA Journal, 2008

Local planning appeals – a very bad idea
RIBA Journal, 2008

Streamlining the planning system?
RIBA Journal, 2008

Autistic modernism
Essay published in the book ‘Architectural voices: listening to old buildings’ by David Littlefield and Saskia Lewis, Wiley, 2007

Why masterplan?
‘Urban regeneration Toolbox’, 2007

The planners’ obsession with height
Building Design, 2006

Tall buildings – the developing policy and design context
Architects’ Journal, 2006

The tall building phenomenon
PFI Journal, 2006

The underrated right angle
Building Design, 2006

Design champions
Building Design, 2005

Good office design is more than skin deep
Building Design, 2005

Icons, architecture and commerce
Opinion piece for Tamesis website, 2005

The Olympics – place and legacy
Building Design, 2005

Time to return to the new town
Building Design, 2005

Urban redevelopment culture in England since 1997
In ‘Tatort Stadt II: Perspektiven einer Stadtumbaukultur’ (‘Work Place City: Perspectives of an urban redevelopment culture’), Edition Bauhaus, 2005

Building in context: the CABE casebook
In ‘Context’, the Journal of the Institution of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), 2003

London's tall buildings - the first 1000 years
Kaleidoscope City - Reflections on planning and London, 2014